»Try to do the things in a best way and the world will come to your door.«

Tomáš Baťa

About company

NECY - bussiness company with more than 10 years of sales team history. We do our best to use a customer driven principle. Thank to modern IT solutions we quickly reflect customer needs to innovations and inner processes to keep the quality of customer and logistic services.

The business headquarters is located in the Czech Republic - Uherske Hradiste. Our modern logistic centre consists of - shop, warehouse, callcenter, floorball testing field and the parking lot for customers. More than 90% of electrical energy is produced from renewable energy resources - we are trying to be as maximum ecological company as we can to help nature.

The offer of each departmant can be seen at specialized websites.

+420 571 118 141
+420 571 117 771

Opening hours
8:00 - 16:30 at work days in the Czech Republic
Contact address (warehouse, management)
Company: NECY s.r.o.
Street: Pivovarska 573
City: Uherske Hradiste
Post code: 68601
Country: European Union - Czech Republic

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Invoice address
Company: NECY s.r.o.
Street: Horni namesti 839
City: Slavicin
Post code: 76321
Country: European Union - Czech Republic
VAT number: CZ 28285425
ID: 28285425
EORI: CZ28285425

Professional hair and skin cosmetics

Specialized floorball shop from 2003

In-line skates and other sports equipment

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